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Free Tutorial - Lazy Girl Quilt by Tina Ratliff

We love this scrappy quilt from Tina Ratliff of Paisley and Lace, doesn't it look wonderful? Tina goes to fantastic detail in her pictorial step-by-step walk through of how she made this quilt, clearly outlining everything you'll need to know to make your own. More from Tina:

"This girl has combined every little baby step posted along her happy yet longish quilty way into one, completed, step by step tutorial for all lovers of creative endeavors. But after accomplishing this lazy girl quilt from beginning to end, this girl has decided one must not be really very lazy at all to embark on such a project, whether improv like this not so little dandy, or rule-following like Denise Schmit’s beautiful version. I happen to not be a rule-follower in all things crafty. An imperfectionist of sorts. Whatever your fancy, I hope you find it helpful in some sweet way."

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 68" x 68" (173cm x 173cm)

Visit the Website: Paisley and Lace

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