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FREE Tutorial - Lattice Quilt by Kati of From the Blue Chair

Sometimes the simple things can be among the best, and this tutorial for a lattice quilt block is both simple and wonderful!  Kati does an excellent job of walking us through the steps of making this block, and for those who might be interested she has a full pattern for sale that features four different designs using this block as a base.  Be sure to check out Kati's other free tutorials below!  More from Kati:

"I love the lattice design on a quilt, but really didn't want to paper piece such a simple block. I considered my options for the best way to construct this quilt without paper piecing but still having perfect corners where the "X" meets, and I came up with this. The trick is square up the corners of the block just right. This tutorial is for a 6.5" unfinished block."

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