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FREE Tutorial - Knit Receiving Blankets for Baby Boy by Ashley

We're pretty sure most of you will be saying "Awwwww, cute!" for this one!  (We certainly did!)  Ashley of Make It and Love it is a mother of three and has another little fella on the way.  This project is easy and fun, and the absolutely precious blankets will be greatly loved by whatever little man you wrap in them!  This project comes complete with downloadable templates for the applique, and you can see a project for the girl version of the same blankets that Ashely made for her daughter.  More from Ashley:

"It’s BABY BOY TIME……..and I can hardly stand it! (In cased you missed it, there is a tiny little fella growing in my belly, as we speak! Er, or type.) And yeah, there are plenty of girl things on this blog…….so it’s time to set aside the ruffles and the bows and the 23 shades of pink, and let the little boy stuff out!

"First up? Receiving blankets. I love receiving blankets. I use them more than any other blanket, especially the knit variety. They’re stretchy and soft and cozy……and even a little absorbent (hey, spit-up happens…). And this baby is coming in July. Yeah, HOT. So these are perfectly light…..but still keeps the chill off brand new skin."

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Make It & Love It

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