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Free Tutorial - Irish Blessings Quilt by Amanda Brown

Whether the blood of the Emerald Isle flows through your veins or not, everyone can enjoy this wonderful Irish Blessings quilt!  This project comes to us from the wonderful team at Olfa, and was created for us by Amanda Brown of Fabric Heart, a gifted designer and quilter. After you make this quilt, anyone who sees it will be after your lucky charms! More from Amanda:

"Hi! This is Amanda of Fabric Heart and I want to share with you a fun St. Patrick’s Day themed quilt called “Irish Blessings”. The best part about St. Patrick’s Day is everyone gets to pretend they are Irish! In 2020 I’m setting off on an adventure of creating quilts for every major holiday my family celebrates. I don’t tend to go over the top decorating for most holidays but if I had themed quilts, then I could just pull it out and instantly be festive."

Finished Size: 60" x 75" (152cm x 191cm)

Skill Level:

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