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FREE Tutorial - Insulated Chic Lunch Sac by Cheryl of Sew Can Do

Have you ever been curious about working with insulated fabric?  This project from Cheryl of Sew Can Do has the lowdown on what you will need to know to create this useful little lunch sac, or to apply what you've learned to other insulated items.  More from Cheryl:

"What is Thermal Batting (aka insulated lining)? This polyester looks like batting, but is needlepricked with a metallic film to make it insulate, so just like a thermos, it helps keep the hot thing hot & the cool things cool. There are loads of great uses for it & I can think of some great winter projects like mittens, a cozy coat, toasty snowpants & the list goes on. However, since it's 70+ degrees and the start of summer, those aren't exactly the kinds of projects most of us want to work on right now. Soooooo,

"For today's project, Chic Lunch Sac, I'm combining laminated cotton & thermal batting to make a lunchbag we can take out & about in the heat and still keep things tasting cool."

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