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FREE Improv Sampler - Chopsticks Block by Cheryl Arkison

Have you ever tried improvisational quilting?  Let the artist in you play with the block style called Chopsticks by Cheryl Arkison of Dining Room Empire.  This style of quilting can be fun and easy and can produce some gorgeous results!  More from Cheryl:

"There really is more to improvisational quilting that wonky log cabins. Of course, those are good too. But this technique, which I call chopsticks, is the first step in some fun designs."

Be sure to check out Cheryl's blog, where you'll find many wonderful projects and tips.  Also take a look at her book, Sunday Morning Quilts, co-authored by Amanda Jean Nyberg, and is chock-full of some phenomenal projects.

Designer - Cheryl Arkison of Dining Room Empire

Visit the website:
Dining Room Empire


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