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FREE Tutorial - I-Spy Placemats by Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Got a big pile of scraps with a wide variety of interesting things on them?  Turn them into visual crafty fun with this tutorial from Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and Design.  These placemats are super easy to make, and the project will be fun!  More from Stacey:

"The boys and I had such a good time playing I-Spy while I cooked dinner last night. They could sit at the table, munch on raw veggies (yes, I'm aware that I have abnormal children who like veggies. Don't get too jealous though. They will only eat them raw.) and find the objects I described. Here's how to make a set of your own."

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts & Designs

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