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Free Tutorial - Homespun Fall Quilt by Lindsay Mayland

Have you ever had the pleasure of cuddling up with a quilt made of homespun fabric? Take a look at this Fall quilt by Lindsay Mayland of Happy Hour Stitches, doesn't it look cuddle-worthy? Homespun fabric is nice, but it's also more challenging to work with than traditional fabrics, but Lindsay has you covered: She provides six tips on working with homespun that will help you take great care of your project, and she also includes a full video and tutorial on the Fall quilt she designed! More from Lindsay:

"I recently came into a stack of gorgeous homespun fabrics! Homespun fabrics that you buy in stores today are made to mimic the fabric that women made by their own weaving and dyeing process centuries ago. They’re traditionally plaids, stripes, or ikats. Because they’re yarn-dyed, they have rich color on both sides of the fabric, and the looser weave gives it a homemade look.

"Because of the looser weave of homespun fabrics, they require extra care when sewing! Here are some important tips to know when using these beautiful fabrics in your projects."

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 63.5" x 63.5" (161cm x 161cm)

Visit the Website: Happy Hour Stitches

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Click here for Lindsay's 6 Tips on Working with Homespun Fabrics!


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