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FREE Tutorial - Holiday Hotpad by Goldwillow for Ellison Lane

This project is part of a special series hosted by Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane called The Holiday Hostess, and the series centers around sewing tutorials for cooking and dining.  This tutorial is by Ale (a.k.a. Goldwillow) of Golden Willow Quilts and we absolutely love it!  Be sure to check out the rest of the series with the link below.  More from Ale:

"Hi! I’m Ale, otherwise known around the internets as Goldwillow. I blog over at Golden Willow Quilts. I started quilting in my off time from my other great passion, working as a chef and pastry artist in my delightfully quirky city of Portland, Oregon. Fast forward a few years and a baby later, and while I’m no longer feeding the masses, though I still spend way too much time in quest of perfect dishes. So when I get to combine quilting and cooking??!!!! BEST EVER!

"I’m an avid English paper piecer (EPP), and I’d like to share how some of my techniques vary from more traditional methods. I believe in finding the method that works best for you. I’m very particular about my finished work looking neat and these are the methods that have given me the neatest, flattest and (most importantly) hard-wearing results."

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