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Free Tutorial - Hive Rules Ironing Board Cover by Rachel Rossi

Is your ironing board overdue for a face lift? Check out this awesome project form Timeless Treasures; Rachel Rossi put together this excellent tutorial and it's great for any level of quilter. The design features the adorable Hive Rules collection from Timeless Treasures. More from Rachel:

"I’ve been putting it off long enough! Yes, it’s time for my sad old ironing board cover to get a fresh look. When I saw the Hive Rules collection by Timeless Treasures, I knew exactly what I wanted to make! This awesome ironing board cover is so much fun to create and makes for a much more pleasant experience in the laundry room… I might even like ironing dresses and shirts again!"

Finished Size: Standard 15" Board Cover (38cm)

Skill Level:

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