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FREE Tutorial - Hexi Window Table Runner by Anjeanette Klinder

What's cooler than a hexagonal table runner made with some of your cutest fabrics?  A hexagonal table runner with 'windows', obviously!  This project by Anjeanette Klinder can add some honeycomb-shaped style to one of your tables or would be an excellent gift!  More from Anjeanette:

"My LQS is a gorgeous shop that puts together the most fun (but a bit traditional) bundles. I was on the lookout for something happy and spring-y. This bundle of 30’s inspired prints just made my heart skip a beat.

"When I was putting these together, I started thinking about leaving a hole in the middle of the flowers. I thought it would be lovely to see the wood grain of my entertainment cabinet through the holes in each flower."

Editor's Note: We love this project, but Anjeanette's tutorial is a little thin on the how-to side, assuming you know some of the basics of hand stitching and piecing.  You will want to seek advice from a friend for specifics if you don't already know those techniques. Also, be sure to look for more great projects from Anjeanette in the right-side bar of her site!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Anjeanette Klinder


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