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FREE Tutorial - Gingham Style Knotted Zipper Pencil Pouch by Kate

This project by Kate of See Kate Sew will make for an excellent gift!  Or just make one for yourself to keep your writing odds and ends in order.  Kate presents a wonderfully visual tutorial with clear steps.  There's also a link to a regular zipper pencil pouch tutorial if you want to get used to this kind of project before tackling this more difficult version.  More from Kate:

"I have a problem keeping track of pencils in my house probably because a certain toddler loves to pull out the eraser and chew on it while he dumps the lead and breaks them all one by one. So whenever I need one for pattern drafting they are so hard to find! I don’t mind sharing most things, but toddlers shouldn’t be playing with mechanical pencils anyways.

"I made these cute pencil cases as an easy solution. First, they are the perfect size for mechanical pencils, I’m sure regular pencils or colored pencils would fit, too. Now I can stash all my pencils in the same place.

"This is a basic zipper pencil pouch tutorial but the pattern is a super weird shape to account for the cute bow knots at the top and/or bottom."

Be sure to check out Kate's website where you will find many wonderful free projects:
See Kate Sew

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