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Free Tutorial - Giant Block Quilt by Erica Jackman

Have you ever wanted to work with twenty-four-inch blocks? Or how about thirty-six inch blocks? Erica Jackman is running a block of the month series at her website, Kitchen Table Quilting, and the theme is amazing: Giant Blocks. Her January block forms the heart of this quilt, and the tutorial is easy to follow and has wonderful images. More from Erica:

"Welcome to the very first month in the Giant Block Tutorial Series. Each month I will be sharing a tutorial with information on some of your favorite quilt blocks - only extra big! This is a fun way to add an extra punch to your projects by:

- Giving traditional blocks a more modern look
- Showing off large scale prints
- Creating quick quilt projects

"Some of the blocks will be more traditional and some more modern, some will be simpler and some are more complicated. For the January block, we are doing something simple. I am not sure if this block has a name, so I am just going to call it the January Block.

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 68" x 68" (173cm x 173cm)

Visit the Website: Kitchen Table Quilting

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Click here for some great photos of Erin's quilt from her blog page!

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