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FREE Video Tutorial - Furoshiki Fabric Wrapping by Jera

Have you ever received a gift wrapped in the Japanese Furoshiki style?  What a charming and delightful way to wrap!  This tutorial was done by Jera of The Stitch and Sew Studio for The West Seattle Fabric Company. The tutorial has instructive videos on five different wrapping topics, including how to measure your fabric, the four-tie wrap, the double knot wrap, the double wine bottle wrap, and the no-sew pillow sham!  More from Jera:

We got a lot of people asking us to post tutorials on the Furoshiki fabric wrapping technique, so here you go! Below you can find video tutorials on how to measure the proper amount of fabric before you begin wrapping, as well as four different wrapping techniques: the four-tie wrap, double tie wrap, double wine bottle wrap and the no-sew pillow sham. Have fun!"

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