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FREE Tutorial - Four Patch Charm Quilt by Kathy Schwartz

Kathy Schwartz is a great designer with a wonderful eye for color and serious artistic talent in her custom quilting, isn't this quilt gorgeous? A charm pack or a pile of likely scraps will get you through this project nicely. More from Kathy:

"I have had this quilt in the works for a few months and finally got to quilt it this week. When I loaded it on my machine I was planning on doing a panto but it kept nagging at me that it deserved some custom work so I gave in! :) Large pebbles and swirls it was! I had made the blocks at a guild UFO day and had a few guild members help me decide on the finally layout as there are so many options when playing with HST style blocks. I really like how the blocks are worked into the border and glad my friends suggested it!" :)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Tamarack Shack

More Free Projects: Look for Kathy's tutorials on the left side of her blog page.


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