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FREE Tutorial - Felt Advent Wreath by Lindsey Gustafson

Whether your household celebrates Advent or if you're just looking for creative Holiday craft ideas, this project from Lindsey Gustafson of Happier Than a Bird Quilts has some great ideas for using felt in your crafting.  More from Lindsey:

"My family is observing advent for the first time this year (And I figured out an affordable, yet still beautiful diy wreath to use before we decide on the style we want to purchase for a permanent wreath. Just take a bundt pan you already own, get some small pillar candles, and cranberries. Mine has about 1 and half bags of cranberries (the excess will be used to make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving). And there you have it.)

"My dilemma came when I realized I have two daughters, 3 1/2 year old and 19 month old, who would love to participate but really shouldn't be playing with fire. I saw a felt wreath online, reasonably priced, but with a few bad reviews. Then it occurred to me I could very easily make a wreath. So I did. And for less than $7!"

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