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FREE Tutorial - Faux Chenille Baby Blanket by Dana Willard

Have you ever felt something so amazingly soft that your skin very nearly went on strike, saying "Nope, I'm staying right here, forever.  Snuggling this blanket is my new life."?  This cute baby blanket by Dana Willard looks that soft.  We love the prospect of creating a blanket like this, and we don't mind all the cutting it will take to get there!  More from Dana:

"Creating a faux chenille blanket tutorials wasn’t really on my to-do list. But then so many of you asked for it…how could I not?? I’ve been sewing these for about 5 years and have shared the directions (cryptically) with a few friends through email over the years. So I’m glad that it’s all written down in a step-by-step process now.

"Layers of cotton fabrics are sewn into rows and rows of diagonal lines and then cut and washed to create a faux chenille look. It’s a time-consuming project but really cool to see the finished results.  These blankets are great for snuggling and also work as a playmat, while baby rolls around with toys. Of course you can definitely make a bigger one as a throw blanket for the couch or a bed."

Finished Size: 45" x 45" (114cm x 114cm)

Skill Level: Intermediate

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