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FREE Tutorial - Fabric Storage Bucket by Melissa Mora

So where are your kids and/or grandkids going to put all of those wonderful toys they got this Christmas?  This project from Melissa Mora of Melly Sews walks us through how to make these wonderfully useful storage buckets for toys, knick-knacks, or whatever you might need to organize.  More from Melissa:

"Today I’m sharing a fabric storage bucket tutorial. My boys are at an age that they have discovered Legos. And my husband still has all his from when he was little. Which has led to a Lego mess in our house…and I swear the second picture somehow looks cleaner than it actually is. But you can still see those little pieces waiting to embed themselves in your bare feet.

"And how can they even build on that crowded table top? It was time to get this under control."

Be sure to visit Melissa's Tutorials Page for more wonderful projects!

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