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FREE Easy Circles Quilt Appliqué Technique by Marianne

Modern style quilts are attractive and interesting and this example from Marianne of The Quilting Edge comes hand in hand with a wonderful appliqué technique!  Marianne is a truly gifted quilter and her easy circles tutorial comes in two parts; in the first we learn her technique for creating the circles, and in the second part we learn her wonderful method of creating smaller 'second generation' circles that utilize the cutout of the quilt stripes.  More from Marianne:

"My very first thought, when I saw the inspiration quilt was to make a pieced background of strips, with a row of appliqued circles on it.

"One great advantage of appliqued circles is that you can move them around, on a pieced background, until you find an arrangement that you are satisfied with. I'm still playing around.

"My plan is to applique the circles and then cut away the striped fabric from behind the circles, to make smaller circles which will in turn be appliqued onto the solid circles....sounds confusing right??? I'm quite sure that was a run on sentence. It's actually very simple."

Be sure to check out Marianne's site for more great project ideas: 
The Quilting Edge


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