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Free Tutorial - Color Value Quilts by Katie Pedersen

With an infinite variety of ways to render patterns in your quilting, it can sometimes be a challenge to choose what to do next. Don't overthink it! Take the color value approach outlined here by Katie Pedersen of Sew Katy Did and just grab stuff from your scrap pile and make smaller piles of similar darkness values and then go nuts! More from Katie:

"Most of us addicted to fabric will find this style of quilt a great display tool for your fabric stash. Baby quilts, wall hangings, bed quilts, or a favorite blankie to cuddle up in on the couch, make it any size you want. No worries on making fabrics match, we’re going to think in values, or the degree of lightness or darkness of a color.

"Close up you won’t notice a design so much, but from a distance your eye will pull it. Work with a design wall or other tools like the black and white option on a camera phone. A vertical surface is an essential tool that helps you determine how the values of your fabrics are working to create contrast, and thus design and form."

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Your Choice!

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