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FREE Tutorial - Christmas Tree Pants by Monica Solorio-Snow

With tongue firmly in cheek we present you with this excellent sew-along.  A couple of years ago, Monica Solorio-Snow of the Happy Zombie created a tutorial to bring fairness to Christmas trees everywhere, a tutorial for Christmas tree pants, because not all trees want to wear skirts.  Sew Mama Sew liked this notion so much, they do a sew along every year, so take a look at the tutorial, jump into the sew along, and most importantly, be fair to your tree.  More from Monica:

"Since it’s Christmas-tree season, I thought it might be the perfect time to leave a gentle reminder that not all trees like to wear skirts. I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by big, tall majestic trees - so I know this to be true. That’s why I have a tutorial at Sew,Mama,Sew! for "Christmas Tree Pants - because not all trees like to wear skirts." My tutorial is from 2011 but is of course good year after year. Tree pants never go out of style."

Finished Size: 40" x 40" (102cm x 102cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Happy Zombie
  |  Sew Mama Sew

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