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Instructor - Amy Smart: Full-time mom, part-time quilter.
"I am a mom. I enjoy the short-term creative process of making quilts (and other projects) while in the midst of the long-term creative process of raising four children."

FREE Choosing Fabric 101 Tutorial by Amy Smart

Ever have trouble picking out just the right fabric for your project?  Perhaps like many of us you're overwhelmed with so many great choices that it can be difficult to make the final choices on the fabrics that will go into your quilt.  Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter wrote this wonderful article to help with the process of choosing your final fabrics.  More from Amy:

"Probably one of the most intimidating parts of beginning a quilting project is choosing just the right fabric. Here are a few simple tips to help in that process.

"For most quilting projects I use 100% Cotton. Occasionally I will use vintage sheets or something else that is a cotton/poly blend. Try not to mix fabrics as 100% Cottons and Blends will wash and wear differently. That said, if you are making something like a memory quilt out of old clothes or something similar where you are mixing a variety of fabric types it will probably be fine - just keep in mind that different types of fabric will wear differently over time."  read more

Be sure to check out Amy's website where you will find many wonderful free projects:
Diary of a Quilter

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