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FREE Binding Scallops Tutorial by Heather Mulder Peterson

How would you like to add more visual character and originality to your next quilt?  Heather from Trends and Traditions has put together a wondeful tutorial with abundant images to illustrate her techniques.  More from Heather:

"I finished this quilt well over a year ago and have never gotten around to blogging about it. Isn’t that bad? I made it for my office – or should I say, my husband’s office.

"It’s nice and manly right? Actually, my poor husband doesn’t have any of his own “manly” rooms in our house, as I can’t bear to give up any quilt/decorating spaces! I guess this room will have to do until we finish up a man cave in the garage.

"The reason I am bringing up this quilt, is that I have wanted to do a quick tutorial on binding scallops. I have done tutorials on lots of binding techniques and I have had some requests to cover scallops as well."

Visit the Website: Trends and Traditions


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