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FREE Tutorial - Benartex Manly Quilt by Penny Layman

Penny Layman of Sew Take a Hike presents us with a delightful project today for a very manly quilt in the 70's style using a variety of fabrics from Benartex!  Isn't it wonderful?  In her usual style, she has put together an excellent tutorial with nicely detailed steps and photos of each part of the project, and even if you've never done a quilt like this before, this project is good for any skill or experience level of quilter.  More from Penny:

"I am most definitely a child of the 70's. I love the clothing styles from then, and the quilts from that time frame were so charming! Thick, lofty(polyester) batting and acrylic ties were the thing. Or if the quilt wasn't tied, it was loosely quilted so the quilt was still mega puffy. And heck, even the quilt top might have been polyester or a poly blend. Do you remember those double knit polys?! I have a pillow made from some squares of it my dad sent me several years ago!

"For the Manly quilt, I am paying tribute to the 70's, giving it a modern day twist, using natural fibre. The batting is a lofty wool, and the ties are spun wool.  I used fabric from three different Benartex lines."

Finished Size: 63" x 71" (160cm x 180cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

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