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FREE Tutorial - Bed Pockets by Jill Shepherd

What a unique gift idea!  This project is something that will be useful to everyone, and Jill Shepherd of Creating My Way to Success has put together an excellent tutorial for you.  More from Jill:

"A while ago I made some pink bed pockets for my daughter's beds, for them to store some of their many books in. They proved to be a big hit - my girls love hanging over the side of their beds to choose a book - and even now - months later, they still put them away in them!! That has got to be a bonus!

"At the time, several people asked if I had a tutorial for these pockets. Well finally, I got around to making up a tutorial, as I decided to make more pockets for the spare bedroom bed to accommodate the girls growing book collection!!"

Be sure to check out Jill's website where you will find many wonderful free projects:
Creating My Way to Success

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