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Instructor - "Hi. I'm Anita. I like vintage textiles, old houses, fresh bread, and dinner under the pergola. And... I like making things. Thank you so much for visiting!"

FREE Tutorial - A Quilt Sandwich by Anita

So you've finished your quilt top and it's time for the next step: you need to make a sandwich of the top, batting (if your project calls for it) and the backing.  Whether you're new to this process or an experienced quilter, Anita from Bloomin' Workshop has some pointers for you that you'll find useful.  More from Anita:

"What would you like for lunch? How about a quilt sandwich? Ha. Now I’m just getting loopy with delirium as I try to finish up things that need to get done this week. Sorry.

"Let’s talk about finishing those quilts. Once the quilt top is pieced, it’s time to make a quilt sandwich. Traditionally, a finished quilt consists of three layers. 1) the quilt top, 2) batting, and 3) a backing fabric. That’s not always the case, but generally this is how quilts are finished."  read more

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