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FREE Tutorial - A Quilt for the Bun by Sherry Petersik

There is something about a hand-stitched quilt that just radiates love, and today's project is for her precious little boy; her bun in the oven.  This project is also a very simple quilt, and while it would go much faster by machine, we agree with Sherry that a project like this is worth doing by hand.  So stitch some love into a quilt of your own with this excellent tutorial from Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.  More from Sherry:

"A few years ago I chronicled how my not-nearly-a-seamstress buns were compelled possessed to make a quilt for the bean.  And here I am a few years later (after a tornado of thread and a surprisingly successful sewing machine date) with another homemade quilt – this time for our baby boy on the way

"I don’t think I would have been so into making him a quilt if Clara hadn’t grown so attached to hers. She not only has slept with it pretty much every night since I finished it…  … but she brings it in the car for road trips, and even drags it downstairs to to the sofa for lazy Saturday snuggling.  I love how charming that sweetly imperfect hand-done stitching is. Each line is irregular enough to clearly not be machine-made, and it feels so full of love thanks to those slightly varied dashes. So I decided to give it a try"

Skill Level: Beginner

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