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FREE Tutorial - A Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt...Really

If you watched the excellent video tutorial from last Friday then you probably learned a few things you might not have known about Disappearing Nine-Patch quilts.  But having seen that video or if you are familiar with that quilt style at all, the picture for today's tutorial may be confusing to you.  The truth is, despite the beautifully even rows and the perfectly organized pattern you see, this is a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt!  More from Jo Kramer, who posted this technique on her blog, Jo's Country Junction:

"{Earlier} I posted this photo of Kelli’s quilt stating that it was a disappearing nine patch. I had several comments from readers wondering if I had made a typo or didn’t know what I was talking about. I am here to assure you that…yes, I am the queen of making mistakes, but this was not mistake. It is a disappearing nine patch. Here’s a quick tutorial for you…"

Jo made this quilt for her daughter Kelli and her tutorial on this technique is easy to follow for any level of quilter.  Please check out her website for more tutorials, recipes, and tons of great stuff!

Visit her website:
Jo's Country Junction

Contributor Info - "I am married to self proclaimed redneck…and I love him like crazy. When we got married, I quickly realized that our life would revolve around farming…and 25 years later it still revolves around farming.

I work part time teaching continuing education classes for Childcare Resource and Referral and I work on my website
Making Learning Fun. I have a passion for children and believe the best way I can help them is by helping the people who care for them."  Read More

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