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FREE Tips - The Basics of Metallic Thread by Amy Garro

How about adding some 'bling' to your next project with some metallic thread?  Learn Amy's tips and tricks for working with this wonderful accent tool.  More from Amy:

"Hi all! A member of my quilt guild was asking a few questions about metallic threads, and since I love them, I thought I would give a few tips here...

"First of all, there are two main kinds of metallic threads. I don't know the official names for them, so I like to call them "ribbon" metallics (these look like mini Christmas ribbons you would tie around gifts) and "wound" metallics (if you were to take this thread apart, there are multiple fibers wound together, or around another sturdier fiber of some type running through the middle). (ed: See the images to the side.)"

Also take a look at Amy's website where free tutorials and patterns:

13 Spools

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