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FREE Straight-Line Quilting Tips & Techniques by Megan

There are many wonderful and artistic styles of quilting but there is also great beauty in symmetry.  Quilting in straight lines can be a challenge, and this article by Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations is a collection of excellent techniques and tips for any skill level of quilter.  More from Megan:

"So you've picked a quilt pattern, pulled the perfect fabrics, mastered the 1/4" seam allowance, completed a quilt top, and layered + basted your project, now what? Today I'm going to share some helpful straight-line quilting tips & techniques so that you can finish any quilt project (large or small) on your home machine.

"Straight-line quilting is my favorite. If you've been a reader for any amount of time, you've probably already figured that out. It gives such a fresh & modern feel and can be used in so many different projects and patterns. Straight-line quilting also creates a great texture, especially when washed --- yummy! Plus there's something so enjoyable + soothing about stitching straight-lines, it's so therapeutic!"

Be sure to check out the website where you will find many wonderful free projects: Canoe Ridge Creations


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