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FREE Color Inspiration Resources from Better Homes and Gardens

How about some inspiration for your colors from the pros at How to Sew, a Better Homes and Gardens learning site?  Sometimes picking out colors can be deeper than just making sure your colors match, and the team at How to Sew has put together some excellent sets of complementary fabrics.  Here is their comment on the top image pictured here:

"You don’t always need a cornucopia of colors in a project. Sometimes the most beautiful projects play on only a few colors in different shades and textures. Here a red looks bright and cheery against a variety of tans."

Check out the other color sets they've put together by clicking the button below!  Also, be sure to check out their website for tons of wonderful resources for everyone who sews.

Visit the website:
How to Sew

Here's a hot tip for another free online resource to help you with your color matching!  Click on the image to the right  to check out the Kuler color matching tool by Adobe.  It lets you find a core color and provides a spectrum of colors that match, and you can play with the depth and breadth of the spectrum.  Try it, this tool is wonderful!

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