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FREE Patterns - Cake and Tea, You and Me BOM Quilt by Natalie Reiners

What an adorable project! Natalie Reiners of Sutura Fabrics created this free BOM download just for you. It comes complete with comprehensive instructions for each block and the settings, and she even recorded a video about the project as well! Be sure to check out her other free projects on her download page! More from Natalie:

"The memories that inspired this quilt are of a time in my life when my Nana and Grandpa would come for visits every October for Canadian Thanksgiving. It was such an exciting time! Holiday food and family all around, what could make a little girl happier? Tea with Nana! My Nana is now 98 and we hope that this quilt will inspire a new generation of Tea Party Girls!"

Finished Size: 34" x 36" (86cm x 91cm)

Skill Level:

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Please note that for best results this pattern should be printed at 100% size.  
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