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Alternate version by Jessica Dayon

FREE Pattern - Valentine Hearts Afloat Quilt by Bev Getschel

Is there ever a bad time to think on things romantic? Of course not! Spice up your summer with a love-infused quilt project like this one, originally from Quilt Maker Magazine. Sadly, it's no longer online (and may not be in print), but this pattern is yours to use! The design was created by Bev Getschel and it was quilted by Lynette Gelling. This pattern was found and archived by Quilting Land and they have a ton of other quilt patterns for your next project. Enjoy!

Finished Size: 54" x 64" (137cm x 163cm)

Skill Level:

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Please note that for best results this pattern should be printed at 100% size.  
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