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FREE Pattern - Threadneedle Street Jelly Roll Pattern by Barbara Brackman

Hand quilters rejoice! If you like hand stitching or just a good quilting challenge, this project is for you! Barbara Brackman is a fabric designer and quilter extraordinaire and she found this jewel at the FFA and AG Museum in Iowa. More from Barbara:

"It's sort of like a braid but the angles have to be 60 degrees---not 90 degrees. A tessellation---and perfect for JellyRolls. UPDATE: Astute commenters noted how hard this would be to sew---it's all set-in seams, which is probably why the pattern is rarely seen. How could it be modified to make it possible to do it with straight seam on a machine? Add seams."

Skill Level: Intermediate

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Barbara Brackman's Blog

Please note that for best results this pattern should be printed at 100% size.  
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