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Laural Lane of Simply Put Plus

I hate housework but I love making my house a home. Lastly and the reason Iʼm here, if you are someone who has seen one of my designs and said to yourself (or out loud) “I love that”, than you need to know how incredibly grateful I am. I will continue to do my best to bring you patterns that tug at your heart but not your wallet.  Read More

FREE Snowman Mat Pattern by Laural Lane

Need more decorative touches of the Holidays around the home?  Take a look at this cute Snowman Mat, designed by Laural Lane of Simply Put Plus.  More from Laural: 

"Follow (the link below for the) Snowman Mat and print out the templates and pattern instructions. The finished mat is 14" across. Hope you enjoy my little Christmas gift to you. If you make it up I would love to see your finished work, please email me a photo. Laural"

Finished Size: 14" x 14" (36cm x 36cm)

Visit the website:
Simply Put Plus

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