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Life’s a balancing act for me.

My wonderful husband Bill and I own FunQuilts, a contemporary design studio. We make quilts for galleries, interior designers and individuals. We also design fabric and quilts for manufacturers, write books, teach, work with a job training center for developmentally disabled adults and have a host of projects that fill our days. Read More

FREE Simple Gifts Quilt Pattern by Weeks of Craft Nectar

If you're pressed for time to produce a gift quilt for a baby today's project will be a sight for sore eyes!  Weeks is a professional designer and quilter and because of all the demands placed on her time, she designed this baby quilt as a gift in situations where she doesn't have the time to piece together a huge project.  More from Weeks:

"Ah! I remember the days ten years ago when I was a hobby quilter. I made intricate baby quilts for every pregnant woman that I knew. But as is the case with the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, now that I’m a professional quiltmaker and have 15 labor-intensive quilts on my dance card at the moment, 200-piece baby quilts are a thing of the past. The other issue is that when people know that you design and make quilts for a living, you can’t show up with a Diaper Genie at a baby shower. There’s an unspoken expectation that there’s going to be a quilt. No pressure, right?

"So Bill and I decided to design a quilt that could be made in a few hours but would still be fun and modern. We tend to make baby quilts that are not in baby colors because we want the quilt to be appealing to the child when they’re a toddler and preschooler too. We had some yarn-dyed fabrics in the studio and had fun pairing them with contemporary prints and solids. Baby quilts are so small that I think you can really be adventurous with mixing fabrics.

"I think that the thing that really makes this simple design fun is the contrasting thread used in the quilting...Read More

Dimensions: 34" x 45"  (86cm x 114cm)

Be sure to check out her blog, Craft Nectar, where you will find a wealth of articles, from crafts and cooking to inspiration and quilting!  Also be sure to take a look at her website, Fun Quilts, where you will find tons of patterns, fabrics, and kits, as well as a gallery of Weeks' work and information about her magazine, Modern Quilts Illustrated.

Visit her blog:
Craft Nectar

Visit her website: Fun Quilts

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