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FREE Sew Chic Butterfly Mug Bag Pattern by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly

Tea enthusiasts rejoice!  This project from Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly is a milestone in her adventure, The Great Tea Hunt.  This mug bag is an excellent little project and will make a unique gift or a great addition to your own collection.  Don't miss Bronwyn's wonderful story of her great tea hunt and the time she spent in the charming town of Berrima.  Be sure to look for the pattern pages at the bottom of the article!  More from Bronwyn: 

"It was on the way back from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Tea Party, that I had this brilliant idea for transporting my Extra Special Mug.

"I'm always trying to find safe ways to carry my Extra Special -I'm -the Only -Person -Allowed -to-Touch -It Mug, when I go away.

"I thought-
"What I need is something padded- and with a pocket for carrying the tea" (and sugar). Small and easily portable". (My mug is VERY special)."

"I envisaged something that could open out- so you could use the end as a mug rug, if you wished- and then closed up again into something small..."  Read More

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Note - Bronwyn's pattern can be found at the end of her article.  

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