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FREE Pattern - Secret Garden Trapunto Quilt by Sandy Gervais

We love the vibrant color and the cute style of this quilt, and we're sure this is a project you will absolutely adore!  This quilt was designed by Sandy Gervais and featured on Craft Passion, and includes a downloadable, printable PDF pattern as well as a thorough tutorial walk-through.  If you're not familiar with trapunto quilting, it is a method employing layers you use to make your design 'puffy.'  If you look closely at the top image to the side, you can see how the flower petals literally stand out because of the trapunto stitching.  More from Sandy:

"I am so happy to get the pattern and tutorial of the Secret Garden Trapunto Quilt done. Thanks to all who are patiently waiting for the pattern and tutorial to get ready.

"I spent almost a year to get it up here and on my daughter’s bed, from idea to drawing, to the actual quilt then to this pattern and tutorial sharing. The reason behind this long stretch of time is because I have too many tasks on hand. I was being carried away with and lost my sense of priority. In early last year, we bought a new condominium (yes, we are moving from a landed double story house to a condo, crazy!) so that we could have a place of our own. The quilting idea emerging into my mind and I told myself that I am going to make each of my kids at least a quilted blanket for their new bedrooms. A quilt that they can remember for their whole life and perhaps can make it a heirloom piece to show the next generation “See, this is designed and made by your grandma.”… ok, may be just a photo to show if the quilt is too tattered to display…"

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Craft Passion

Finished Size: 62" x 86" (158cm x 218cm)

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Please note that for best results this pattern should be printed at 100% size.  
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