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Free Tutorial - Feeling Festive Table Runner by Adrianne

This is a precious and simple design that will brighten any table this Holiday season! This project comes to us from Adrianne of On the Windy Side and is something she put together for someone she loves. You'll need to be up to speed on the techniques of paper piecing, and she includes a link to a great tutorial, if you need. Make your table feel the Holiday love this season, and get a jump on your Holiday projects by knocking this first one out quickly. More from Adrianne:

"First up on my Christmas reveal list is my Feeling Festive table runner, which I gave to my grandmother. I finally made a decision about the binding and got it stitched on this week. Thanks for everyone's suggestions about which fabric to use for the binding. I really like the idea of a frosty binding, but in the end I went for a darker fabric to frame the runner and pick up the darker teal colour in the backing fabric. I am very pleased with how this little project turned out, and I think I will try and start my Christmas sewing a little earlier next year so that I can get more done."

Finished Size: ~ 43" x 11" (109cm x 28cm)

Skill Level:

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