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FREE Pattern: Cathedral Window Quilt-Along Block Eight by Kim

Today Kim presents us with a new twist on an old favorite!  We hope you'll dive in with the rest who have made blocks for this series, this one promises to be fun and easy.  More on this block from Kim:

"Y'all are going to look at this tutroial and say "WAIT ONE COTTON PICKIN MINUTE", we've seen this before!" I simply used the first part of my cathedral window pincushion to save me some time and photo shots :o) I like to think of this block as a new modern twist on an old lovely favorite. This block is SO EASY to do since it is the exact SAME as the traditional window it is just folded will see :o)"

View Kim's step-by-step tutorial here

Visit her website for more wonderful stuff: My Go-Go Life

For more information about the Cathedral Windows Quilt-Along, Click Here

Be sure to check back on Monday the 29th for the final block in the series!

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