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Block Five: London, England
Welcome to our fifth block from Pat Sloan in her FREE 2014 Mystery BOM!  For May Pat is taking us jolly olde London, England!  This month's block was inspired by the Piccadilly Circus part of the city.  So don your favorite jacket, grab up your umbrella, and let's stroll on over and take a look at the resources Pat has put together for you this month, and feel free to share on Flickr after you create YOUR block!

Download BOM Materials List and Block Five Pattern!

Click Here to download the PDF of Pat's materials list for the BOM.  NOTE:  If the document doesn't display properly for you, there may be a problem with your browser's PDF viewer.  From the viewer window, there is a download button that will let you save the PDF to your computer, where you will be able to view and print it just fine.

Click Here to download the PDF of the pattern for Block Five: London.

Pat Sloan on Block Five
I've been to London twice, both times I was in high school in the 70s. I love the hip 60/70s London with pop art, funky clothings, and the sound of the Beatles plays through my head! I have a list of places to visit again, and one of them is London. As an adult I'm sure I'll see the city in a whole new way!
Scroll down to watch my video about the block!

Inspiration from Historic Piccadilly Circus

I found that I gravitated to 'central square' kind of blocks when thinking about London. For this block I was inspired by the Piccadilly Circus area.

Here are the two blocks, the blue and white is with Clothworks fabric Everything Blue. The Red and Grey is my Bobbins and Bits from from Moda

(Picadilly Circus, circa 1962.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)


Pat's Video for Block Five

More from Pat on Block Five

Many of you have joined me at my quilt group on Facebook called Quilt with Pat Sloan. We are sharing our Globetrotting blocks and MUCH MORE! Everyone has been showing the quilts they are working on, asking for help and advice, and having more fun than you can have at any spot on Facebook.. so join me by clicking the link on this page or search Quilt With Pat Sloan.

I highly recommend that with dark/light quilts you prewash your fabric. I don't want any tears later when you wash that quilt and it runs blue onto white ..eep! The step of prewashing can be done quickly and then you are ready to rock and roll.

We have a Flickr page for sharing photos. Click the link below to go to the group page and become a group member for free, then you will be able to upload pictures of your own materials selections and the blocks that you create throughout the BOM.
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A good friend of Pat's, Debby Brown of Quilty Pleasures, has put together an excellent tutorial on Block One: Washington DC.  If you have not yet begun work on the Washington DC block, be sure to take a look.  Debby recorded videos of every step of the process.  Click her block image to take a look!  Also keep an eye out for even more on Globetrotting from this wonderful quilter.  Thanks, Debby!

Visit Her Website: Quilty Pleasures

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