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Block Eight: Salt Water Taffy
Everyone loves Vacation Time! Pat Sloan is going to give us a guided tour to some inspired blocks this year based on our fun theme, and the eighth block is Salt Water Taffy. It seems we all have certain foods we associate with the vacation and summer fun! Join us as we take a look at the great block design, Pat's inspiration for it, and her video description for this month. But first, feel free to download the pattern and if you missed it, the materials list:

Download Vacation Time BOM Materials List and This Month's Block Pattern!

Click Here to download the PDF of Pat's materials list for the BOM.  NOTE:  If the document doesn't display properly for you, there may be a problem with your browser's PDF viewer.  From the viewer window, there is a download button that will let you save the PDF to your computer, where you will be able to view and print it just fine.

Click Here to download the PDF of the pattern for Block Eight: Salt Water Taffy  

Pat Sloan on Block Eight
Thank you for joining me and making my Free Mystery quilt, Vacation Time! We have hit August and in many parts of the world we are in the the Dog Days of summer! What DOES the Dog Days of summer mean? I found out that “Dog Days” refers to that wicked hot and humid period of summer that many of us have. It was coined years ago in the Mediterranean. This period of time is in conjunction with Sirius the dog star... thus 'Dog Days'.

What does that mean for our Vacation time Blocks? It means something EASY! Because #1- you MIGHT need to catch up... and #2 many of us are not home, outside, or doing other things in August.

So I saved Salt Water Taffy for you to do now, and it is actually one of … (cough)... SEVERAL blocks you will sew to make up the inner border of our quilt! That means you have PLENTY of time to make them all up.

BOTH my colorways use the same fabrics for this inner border.

Taffy sign photo credit: walknboston

Inspiration from Sweet Gooey Treats with Amazing Flavor

By now you know I spent a few years living just a couple of blocks from the Atlantic ocean. That meant waves, beaches and boardwalks each summer. And what do you find at the boardwalk? Summer treats!

This block reminds me of the 'twist' on the ends of the Taffy, and there is NOTHING like getting Taffy at the beach. You can't buy that in a store that is land locked, that just wouldn't be right! At many beaches you find shops with JUST taffy and they make it right there.

Pat's Video for Block Eight: Salt Water Taffy


Funny thing about Taffy is that there are flavors I'd NEVER eat in anything else, but I LOVE those flavors as taffy! And there is one that I don't care for at ALL in Taffy form. Watch my video and I'll tell you which flavor that is!


In the pattern I give you the total number of blocks to sew. And then how many to sew together for each inner border unit. So you can have those ALL READY for the end when you put the top together. I'm nice like that, giving you extra time... wink!

Taffy Question:

So I have a question... there are two MAIN shapes for Taffy. Round and Rectangles (or tubes).  Did you grow up with round taffy... or rectangles?? Because I bet if you did grow up with salt water taffy you have a strong preference for which one is best!

The round ones are usually much softer, and the rectangles are pretty firm. You know what's next right?

Which do you like? Leave me a note in the comments! (Photo credits above: Round - RebeccaVC1.  Rectangular - slgckgc

More from Pat on Block Eight

I'm using my 'One for you One for Me' fabric from Moda.  Find a list of shops that have my fabric by clicking here.

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