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FIRST... Camping Time Quilt Share!
Pat has her post up at the link below for sharing your finished Camping quilt!

CLICK and ENTER your quilt, she is giving away a prize too!

2019 Theme and Supply List

Welcome to the 6th year of our Exclusive Free Mystery Block of the Month by Pat Sloan! This year Pat's theme is 'Out of This World'. Pat’s love of space things is going to be our fun mystery sew along. Inspired by space in a lighthearted way. We are going to have a fun and ‘Out of this World’ time in 2019!

The Supply list and blocks during the year will can always be found at our landing page for the Mystery (Coming soon for 2019!). The five prior years are also still available at the ‘Mystery BOM’ tab above.

Pat Sloan on the 2019 Mystery

I am thrilled to be hosting my 6th Mystery Block of the Month! Each year more of you join in and your quilts are incredible!

I have wonderful memories of childhood lunch boxes with my favorite space show to following along all the space flights. The whole idea started with a super cute bundle of space fabric that was too darling to pass up, I had to create a quilt for it! We’ll skip around space with fun memories and I’ll have to take you with me to see the space shuttle, it’s housed right near my home here in Virginia.

What do you do now?

Download the Supply List

Go to my Website for more chat on the fabric, where to get what I’m using and I’ll be doing a video on this project which will be at my website.

Block #1 is scheduled to be published on Jan 2!

Where you can find Pat:

• Join Pat at her quilting Classroom on Facebook! Share your mystery quilt! 
• Also join on Facebook.
• If we have not met yet... it's super nice to know you!... Click here to learn about me.

You can find all the places I hang out at my home page, it's my name

Do you have thoughts on the new theme you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them! Also, if you have an inspiring or funny story about your experience in making the Camping quilt, we love those stories!

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