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Materials List for Pat Sloan's Secret Garden BOM 
Below you will find some goodies! 
  • We have the link below for the downloadable PDF with your materials list for the two different colorways that Pat has created for this quilt.
  • We have the video she recorded to introduce you to the Mystery BOM, as well as the fabrics she selected in her materials list.
  • We also have the link to the Flickr group we have created for this project where you can upload images!
Here is a special introduction from Pat Sloan:

Hi I’m Designer, Author, Radio host Pat Sloan, thank you for joining me for this year for my Mystery Quilt hosted by!

This is my third year hosting the online mystery and we have a lot of quilters from around the world sewing with us. The sharing goes on in my Facebook Classroom ‘Quilt With Pat Sloan’ where I have over 50,000 quilters, and I add hundreds of people each week.

What is it all about?

My mystery this year is called “My Secret Garden”. Be sure to watch the video below!
• This is a 10 month Mystery Block of the Month (BOM) where you will make a 68” x 86” Quilt.
• There are 12 blocks to make in the 10 months, plus the final setting.
• Every month I'll share something about a Garden. It might be a famous garden, or certain flowers, or ...mmm.. you'll have to check in each month to find out!
• A new block is released around the first of each month from January to October to 2016. In November we rally to finish the top!
• For each Video in 2016 I'll share a tip or trick for better quilt making to help you improve your skills! If there is something in particular you really want to learn about, leave me a comment below.

Fabrics for the 2016 Secret Garden BOM

Colorway 1- Moda’s line “Mon Ami”, some Moda Grunge and a few Pieces of “Varsity” in Navy.
Colorway 2 - with my Moda Line “Hometown Girl”. My new fabric can be pre-ordered at many shops and it is due to stores in Feb 2016.

Download the Supply List
Click Here to download the PDF of Pat's materials list for her Secret Garden Mystery Quilt!  NOTE: If the document doesn't display properly for you, there may be a problem with your browser's PDF viewer. From the viewer window, there is a download button that will let you save the PDF to your computer, where you will be able to view and print it just fine.
UPDATE: Supply list V2 uploaded 12/15/15- the Creme raindrop fabric colorway number corrected to ​30414 11

Participating Shops

We are currently building a list of participating shops where you will be able to purchase the fabrics for the BOM, this list will be growing quickly, so please check back if you don't see a shop in your area! Click here for the current list.

If you are a shop owner and you plan to carry the fabrics for the 2016 Secret Garden Mystery BOM and you also plan to run the BOM as a class or with a club, please click here to sign up (Shopowners only, please!).

Visit Pat's Mystery Link for additional posts about the BOM all year long!

List of Pat Sloan Mystery BOM Participating Shops Coming Soon!

I highly recommend that with dark/light quilts you prewash your fabric. I don't want any tears later when you wash that quilt and it runs blue onto white ..eep! The step of prewashing can be done quickly and then you are ready to rock and roll the first week in January when the first block is published.

We have a Flickr page for sharing photos. Click the link below to go to the group page and become a group member for free, then you will be able to upload pictures of your own materials selections and the blocks that you create throughout the BOM.
Click Here for the Flickr Group

If we have not met yet... it's super nice to know you!... Click here to learn about me.

You can find all the places I hang out at my home page, it's my name:

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