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Featured FREE Video

Free Video - How to Sew a T-Shirt Quilt
by Cathie & Steve


Cathie and Steve provide an excellent and practical walk through on how to assemble a quilt from your favorite old T-shirts!  One thing to note: their method results in a soft and cuddly quilt without stabilizers for the knits.  For a longer-life quilt that will be a little less soft and cuddly, use fusible stabilizers.  Enjoy!

Visit the Website: Cathie Filian

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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Sewing with Coffee Filters
by Karen of Sew Many Ways

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      So, what do you do when you find an unexpected hoard of coffee filters?  Sew with them, of course!  That's what Karen of Sew Many Ways did with her filters, and the result is a crazy collage that will go wonderfully in something, somewhere.  Her article is from a few years ago, and it would be interesting to see if Karen has done more with these round block-like things.  What will you do with them?  More from Karen:

"I found this coffee related quote, but I don't know who said it...

"You know when you've had too much coffee when
you can thread a sewing machine while it's running

"I had a "brewed" awakening one morning when I found a package of coffee filters that I don't use anymore. What to do? What to make? I couldn't just throw them about sewing with them! I am so flying by the seat of my pants on this Tool Time Tuesday. I have never made a crazy quilt block or used any type of foundation when quilting, so if there is anything that looks like I need help...please let me know."

Finished Size: 1 cfd* (1 icfd**)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Sew Many Ways


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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Round Potholder
by Charise Randell

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      How about some home craft goodness that will add a nice touch to any kitchen?  Charise Randell of Charise Creates created these round potholders during the Holidays, and they make wonderful gifts, of course!  This tutorial is excellent and easy to follow, and be sure to take a look at the other freebies on her site!  More from Charise:

"A fun take on the traditional potholder, this potholder is circular and has cute decorative trim on the pocket. It can also be used as trivet or mug rug or to hang in your kitchen to add a bit of cheer : ) It is finished with bias binding trim.

"The paper piecing blocks can be found in my Craftsy Shop or Etsy Shop. Or use an orphaned paper pieced block or quilt block of your own!"

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Charise Creates

More Free Projects: Free Patterns  |  Free Tutorials


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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Scrappy Pinwheel Block
by Miriam Blaich

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      Scraps piling up on you?  Need a creative way to clear out some scrap bins?  We love the artistic explosion of color in these blocks.  What an excellent project!  Miriam of Berlin Quilter is a gifted quilter who prefers the modern style, and her site is full of beautiful quilts.  This is also Miriam's first tutorial, and she does such a great job!  More from Miriam:

"Hi folks, after some of you said YES for a tutorial for the Scrappy Pinwheel block, here it is.

"This is the first tutorial I ever wrote (will write). I tried one for a quilt once and failed terribly. But this block is so easy to describe, it should be possible. And further on, just because I failed once, it doesn´t have to be that way for ever. Doesn´t it? It is the same as in life in general. If you fall, you should get up and go on."

Finished Size: 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Berlin Quilter


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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Spring Flowers Hexagon Mini Quilt
by Becky of Patchwork Posse

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      Mini quilts are so fun!  We love the fresh Spring look of this wonderful mini quilt from Becky of Patchwork Posse.  Her comprehensive tutorial includes instruction and resources on every part of the project and is very nicely put together.  More from Becky:

"This month the weather is finally getting a little bit warmer around here. Reminds me that Spring is here and Summer will be soon arriving.

"For the little fat quarter quilt, being inspired by the little flowers finally starting to show themselves, I decided to go with hexagon flowers.  Finished size is 18″ X 20″ just right for a full fat quarter backing."

Finished Size: 18" x 20" (46cm x 50cm)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Patchwork Posse

More Free Projects: Free Patterns & Tutorials


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Featured FREE Video

Free Video - Freezer Paper Piecing Stars by Jan Patek


In this excellent tutorial video Jan Patek shares with us her techniques for paper piecing with freezer paper.  For those of you who might not know, freezer paper is lightly waxed on one side and can be 'soft ironed' to what you are working on to stay in place without pins.  Great tutorial.  Enjoy!

Visit the Website: Jan Patek Quilts

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Featured FREE Pattern

FREE Pattern - Tic Tac Tuilip Quilt
by Pam Kitty Morning

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      This adorable quilt pattern is a free gift from Pam Kitty Morning.  Her downloadable pattern is nicely organized and easy to follow.   Use her Pam Kitty Picnic collection from LakeHouse Fabrics or pick your own!  Enjoy!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Pam Kitty Morning

Finished Size: 50" x 50" (127cm x 127cm)


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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Crayon Box Baby Quilt
and Cheater's Binding by Rae

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      For a self-professed non-quilter, Rae of Made by Rae created a very cute and colorful baby quilt with her Crayon Box project, and our proverbial hats are off to her!  Ray is a sewer and designer extraordinaire and she puts a lot of personality and humor into her posts, so please enjoy this one!  This post is also actually two tutorials: the quilt itself, which she did for Sew Mama Sew, and the binding tutorial in which she calls herself a cheater.  More fun follows from Rae:

"I like to make quilts because I have found them to be pretty intuitive on their own. With very little expertise one can produce a very satisfying end product. Add to that the fact that they are quite simply the best way one can use multiple fabric prints or colors in one place. I especially like to make baby quilts because they are small and quick and double as play blankets as well as bedding.

"So despite the fact that I am a complete Quilting Imposter, I managed to pull together a tutorial for a baby quilt that is quite nice over at Sew Mama Sew.

Finished Size: 38" x 38" (96cm x 96cm)

Skill Level: Beginner


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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - A Cute Triangle Hexagon Pillow
by Kim Kruzich

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      What an adorable little pillow!  We love the geometric simplicity of this pillow, and we can't wait to try it with our own fabric choices!  Kim Kruzich of Retro Mama has compiled a great tutorial for this fun and easy project.  More from Kim: 

"'A Cute' Triangle Pillow - I just made a really nerdy math joke, that is so unlike me (I lie, that is very much like me). My apologies, I blame either sleep deprivation or overzealous hot chocolate consumption. Seriously, Polar Vortex, this is getting a little old.


"I made this triangle/hexagon pillow a few years ago for my sewing chair, and it is so comfy and has held up so well I thought I'd share a quick tutorial with you. It's machine sewn and does not require any tricky piecing, unlike regular hexagons, so this simple, scrappy pillow whips up pretty quickly! "

Finished Size: 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm)

Skill Level: Beginner

Visit the Website: Retro Mama

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Featured FREE Pattern

FREE Pattern - Hello Spring Tulip Block
& Tote Bag by Charise Randell

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      Tulips are iconic elements of Spring color, and Charis Randell of Charise Creates has created a wonderful project for us with her Hello Spring Tulip block!  She created this block for a Garden Party Blog Hop a couple of years ago (be sure to check the link for the hop--it's full of awesome ideas!) and used her block in a tote bag she designed.  More from Charise:

"It doesn't quite feel like Spring in Seattle until the tulip bulbs I planted in the fall bloom in April. My block is a tulip in a pot which for me epitomizes the beginning of Spring.

Finished Size: Block: 4.5" x 10"  (12cm x 25cm)
                       Tote Bag: 15.75" x 18.75" (40cm                          x 48cm)

Skill Level: Intermediate


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Featured FREE Video

Free Video - Spring Front Door
Welcome Banner by Teresa


Welcome Spring to your home properly with this beautiful and fun welcome banner project!  Brought to you by the great team at AdornIt and demonstrated by Teresa of Sweet Creek Moon, have fun with this one!  More from AdornIt:

"Greet the season in style with this Spring Front Door Banner. In this video Teresa from Sweet Creek Moon will walk you through the steps of how to create this adorable banner."

Visit the Website: AdornIt  |  Sweet Creek Moon

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Featured FREE Pattern

FREE Pattern - Spring Quilt by Valori Wells
for Robert Kaufman

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      What a beautiful mix of fresh colors!  This quilt was designed by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman and features her new collection, Blueprint Basics.  This is a challenging project but will be extremely rewarding!  More from Valeri:

"Begin your journey with a foundation of color... Blueprint Basics is a collection of modern designs in glorious colors for your adventurous pursuits."

View the original article here.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Website: Valori Wells
  |  Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Finished Size: 60" x 80" (152cm x 204cm)

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Featured FREE Tutorial

FREE Tutorial - Ten Tips for Making
a Quilt in a Day by Amy

- Click Image to Enlarge -
     Have you ever been on a deadline with a quilt project that you waited until the last minute to begin work on?  Ever done a quilt in a day?  If any of this is you, or if you're just curious about how it can be done, Amy of And Sew We Craft offers ten excellent tips on how projects like the one pictured here can be done in a short timeframe.  More from Amy:

"This is my second last-minute, 24-hour quilt, and as scary as it can sound trying to do a whole quilt in such a short period of time, with a wee bit of “forethought” (I use the term loosely), it isn’t as hard as you would expect. Today I thought I’d share my top ten tips for completing a quilt in a day."

Visit the Website: And Sew We Craft

More Free Projects: Free Tutorials


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Featured FREE Mystery BOM

Block Four: San Juan

Welcome to our fourth block from Pat Sloan in her FREE 2014 Mystery BOM!  For April Pat is taking us to the wonderful gulf city of San Juan, Puerto Rico!  This month's block was inspired by the historic fortresses in that gorgous port city.  Take a cruise with us through the resources Pat has put together for you this month, and feel free to share on Flickr after you create YOUR block!

Click here for the new pattern from Pat Sloan!

Special Update!  Pat has released a version 2.0 of her Block One: Washington DC pattern PDF that includes more details on sizing!

Click here to download the newest version!

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Featured FREE Pattern

FREE Pattern - Wishes Quilt Along
for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

- Click Image to Enlarge -
      The Make-A-Wish Foundation makes dreams come true for a child with a life-threatening illness every 38 minutes in the U.S. alone!  Help make life better for these kids by participating in this quilt along!  This project was created by the Fat Quarter Shop and includes free patterns for the blocks and finishing patterns for the gorgeous quilt you see here.  We're already a few block into the quilt along, but we're sure you can catch up in no time at all!  More from the Fat Quarter Shop:

"After thinking and planning and designing, we are proud to bring you the Wishes Quilt Along, which will run through 2014 and benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"All 12 quilt pattern and tutorial videos will be loaded to our Wishes Quilt Along page on the first of every month from January - December 2014. With each free pattern, we encourage you to donate to the Wishes Quilt Along Make-A-Wish Foundation page.

Visit the Website: Fat Quarter Shop Blog  Make-A-Wish

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Butterfly Barcode Quilt by Barb & Mary

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  Amy Butler Design ~quilt
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  Ana Salom ~BOM (Spanish)
  And Other Silly Things in the Studio ~quilt
  Andover Fabrics ~quilts
  Angel Things Designs ~mystery; BOM
  Angie's Bits 'n Pieces ~quilts
  AniLee Creations ~mystery
  Animas Quilts Publishing ~quilts; small projects
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  Anna Grossnickle Hines ~PP quilt
  Anna Lena ~quilt
  Anna Maria Horner ~quilts
  Anne's Glory Box ~small project
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  APL Creations ~stitchery block
  Apple Blossom Quilts ~small project (with newsletter sign up)
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  Applewood Farm Publications ~BOM; mystery
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  Art Gallery Quilts ~quilts
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  Ashton Publications ~appliques
  Ateliê Ponto do Quilt ~applique BOM (Portuguese)
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  Austin Community College ~Seminole
  Australian Craft Network ~round robin
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  B&B Creations Quilt Shop ~small projects
  Baby Lock ~small projects
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  Back to Front ~applique block
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  Bali Fabrics ~quilt
  Barbara Brackman ~quilts (3rd paragraph down)
  Barbara Dieges ~BOM
  BariJ ~quilt
  Barsotti Designs ~block
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  Bear Creek Quilt Guild ~BOM
  Bear Paw Productions ~quilts
  Becky Sharp's Quilting ~blocks
  Becky's Quilt Obsession ~quilt
  Bee Creative Studio ~quilt
  Bell Tower Quiltworks ~quilt
  Bella Online ~state blocks
  Ben Franklin Crafts ~small project
  Benartex ~quilts
  Benita-Loca ~crazy patch (French)
  Bernina USA ~quilts; small projects
  Beth Donaldson: Quilt Doctor ~quilts
  Bethany Reynolds ~blocks
  Better Homes & Gardens Australia ~small projects
  Beverly's Quilting Page ~PP patterns; labels
  Big Horn Quilts ~quilts
  Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. ~quilt
  Binky Patrol ~quilts
  Bird Brain Designs ~stitcheries
  Birdblocks ~PP blocks (Dutch)
  Bishop's Quilts and Crafts ~applique blocks
  Bits n Pieces Workshop ~small projects
  Bitty Bits & Pieces ~quilts
  Black Forest Quilters ~mysteries
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  Blue Hill Fabrics ~quilts
  Blue Jean Blankie ~denim quilt
  Blue Moon River ~small project
  Blue Mountain Quilters' Guild ~BOM
  Bluebonnet Village Craft Network ~appliqué
  Bobby Socks Quilt Company ~redwork BOM
  Bonnie K. Browning ~quilt
  Booneslick Trail Quilters' Guild ~blocks
  Born To Quilt ~quilts
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